How to Build an Email List

As you can tell from my well organized, clear, & concise business resource center, I’m all about getting straight to the point. So, I’m here to tell you some methods on how to grow your email list. Not beating around the bush and giving you the why’s and what for’s, just the heart of the subject matter at hand, as the title suggests.

Facebook. Probably the most recognized way of advertising your business. Did you know, Facebook also offers a category specifically to market in order to capture consumer information (e.g. name and email address) so that you can contact the interested person at a later time? I have used this method in the past, so I have a bit of experience with it and lukewarm success. This was before all the hoopla happened with the Mark Z. hearings in relation to targeted ads used to sway voters in the 2016 elections, so not sure how much they’ve cracked down on advertisers in more recent times.

Instagram. Hot & heavy right now as it comes to advertising products and services. Full disclosure, I have yet to dip my toes into the Instagram pond, however from my research it is a viable option in promoting your business and gathering consumer information in order to market to them. Create an account and follow the online instructions. 

YouTube. If you want to garner a more personal relationship with consumers, start a YouTube channel and speak directly to your audience. Create bite-sized “commercials” for free to tout your wares. Be sure to mention your call to action and provide a link in the description box to your capture page in order to get their details for future communications.

Twitter. Considered a dinosaur by some in this day and age, Twitter still has a massive reach and a pretty easy way to market to consumers. There are also Twitter accountholders who can advertise on the platform for you. For instance, you pay them to tweet about your product/service to their huge audience. Just make sure their audience is also your audience, otherwise it can be a total waste of funds marketing to a group of uninterested consumers.

But, what if I’m an introvert?

There’s hope for you too! You don’t have to put yourself totally out there in order to grow your business. Just allow room in your budget in order to hire someone to grab folks attention on your behalf.

Fiverr. Along the same lines of hiring someone to promote your product or service, here is a platform that allows you to search for a promoter within your specific target audience. Just visit to explore their many options.

Bloggers. You may not have noticed, but blogger sites tend to have an option for those who would like to advertise on their site. Again, make sure the blogger’s audience is also your target audience or provides a way for you to specify what type of audience to direct your promotion. Do a web search for blogs in your field. Explore each blogger site to see if they offer an option to “Advertise With Me” or something to that effect. Follow their contact instructions as directed.

Google/Bing. I note Google and Bing as they are the most recognized search engines today that provide options for people to purchase advertising. However, don’t feel you have to limit yourself to these two platforms, there are certainly more search engines that offer Pay Per Click (PPC) / Cost Per Click (CPC) options.

Marketing Firms. Consider hiring a professional marketing firm that will drive traffic to your site. For example,,,, and all allow you to employ their firm to send your specified link to their targeted database.


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